Can You Feel Fit Without Exercise?

After many years of regular exercise and healthy eating to maintain my health, I stopped when my husband was sent to the Mayo Hospital for a rather complicated surgery.  With all the pre-op, hospital stay, and post-op appointments and care, I just let it all drop.

A couple of months ago, I saw an ad for a device called The Flex Belt.  It is meant (I believe) to reduce abdominal fat more optimally while exercising so even though I don’t usually believe in these things, I thought  I’d give it a try.  At my age I was getting rounder in my mid-section than I had ever been.

I wasn’t able to use my flex Belt when it arrived because of my husband’s illness and having to go out-of-state for treatment.  After getting started, I am really impressed with my progress.  My personal trainer with whom I was able to resume working when we returned home said she thought I was doing amazingly well considering all the stress I have dealt with.  It seems that I have managed to lose some belly fat not even doing all my regular exercises.  The Flex Belt is compact, came with a case, and was really easy to take with me and even wear under my clothes while spending time at the hospital.

Now I just want to get the addition for my upper arms (age ya know )L.

Get one of these things ASAP if you have extra belly fat!  Use it while you exercise or even if you don’t have time.

Are Artificial Sweeteners All Bad?

Today I was reading a post from Isabel’s blog and she was talking about the effects of food and artificial sweeteners on such conditions such as heart disease.  Many feel that to lower cholesterol, they need to eat all low fat foods.  That is actually not true.  It is important to remove all BAD fats such as saturated fats from your diet.  Removing all fat, however, will not have the desired effect.  Some good fats are necessary and can be gotten from foods such as almonds, avocados, salmon, and many others.  In the case of heart disease and cholesterol, a person often needs to take a look at reducing “artificial” or packaged foods.  Most packaged foods such as cereals and granola bars are loaded up with chemicals and preservatives to keep them shelf stable and in the end cause us to gain weight.

I’ve always been amazed when I see someone order a reasonably healthy meal and then combine it with a large diet soda drink.  Human bodies simply do not know what to do with all those chemicals.  Yes, I know that the ads say Splenda is “all natural,” but it hasn’t been around long enough for that to be a proven fact; and from what I have read, the chemical process to create that sweetener is not something that I want in MY body.  We’ve all heard the aspartame stories and that is what is in Equal and Sweet N Low.  Why not just stick to natural sweeteners like stevia and agave both of which are now readily available in any grocery store.  Also, what ever happened to good ‘ole water?  If it is too bland tasting for you, my advice is to get over it because you’ll really learn to like it.  If that’s not something you think you can do, at least drink water with a little fruit juice or lemon or lime for flavoring.  Diet drinks are making people fat!  I have known more than a few people who have lost weight just be eliminating the soda from their lives–and that goes for “diet” sodas too.

All of this information and so much more can be found in Isabel de los Rios’ Diet Solution Program. Check it out right now, and see what awesome information she has for you.

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Drop This One Thing From Your Diet—Drop 12 lbs This Year!

weightloss mythsBecause you’re reading this, I know that weight is one of your health concerns.

Most of us know that soda or pop or whatever you choose to call the carbonated cocktail containing terrible chemicals and belly-fattening high fructose corn syrup is one of the worst things we can drink.

People, however, do NOT know that “diet” drinks are really no better for your health. In fact they may even be much worse making people even fatter than drinking their non-diet equivalents!

The Study

An 8-year study by the University of Texas revealed this according to the author:

“What didn’t surprise us was that total soft drink use was linked to overweight and obesity,” Fowler tells WebMD. “What was surprising was when we looked at people only drinking diet soft drinks, their risk of obesity was even higher.”

“There was a 41 percent increase in risk of being overweight for every can or bottle of diet soft drink a person consumes each day,” Fowler says.

One reason for this is because the artificial sweeteners cause an increase in the hormones that cause fat storing and also cause us to crave more sweets and refined carbs soon after drinking the “diet” drink. We just cannot fool our bodies by drinking these artificial sweeteners when our bodies “expect” us to be getting calories. Our bodies just don’t know how to equate that.

Another problem is the increase in “insulin response” as a result of your taste buds “sensing” that you have just had something very sweet. Increased insulin levels can and usually do increase our cravings which in turn causes the deposit of body fat.

Some even think that because they have taken in fewer calories by using “diet”drinks, they can now eat more.
All of these things contribute to the weight gain. If you really want to lose weight, soda of either type—regular or diet—should be eliminated altogether.


Need an alternative? I drink carbonated sparkling water with a squeeze of lime. (Learned this in Mexico actually.) If you prefer, you could also use lemon.

Another alternative is to add a little stevia, which is actually good for you, to your drinks such as iced tea.
Share this page with your friends who may believe erroneously that “diet” is better.

Use One Of These To Get To Sleep

Do you feel that you worry too much?  Do you find yourself starting to worry about things just as you are trying to get to sleep?  Sometimes I just lie there very still in the dark, quiet room waiting to get to sleep while I keep thinking of what needs to get done tomorrow and then I ponder in my mind how I’m going to remember what I’m thinking when I wake up.

As soon as we put our heads on the pillow, they start.  The thoughts that seem to pop up in our heads out of nowhere.  It goes something like, “ today I forgot to…..” or “tomorrow I must remember to stop by the printer for….”

So…how can you turn those thoughts off and get to sleep?  A simple notepad kept by the bedside so that you can write down the thoughts that pop into your head.

Using a notepad before — and during bedtime — can make all the difference between a sound sleep and no sleep at all.

Think about all those things that need to get done tomorrow or even a summary of those things that you feel you may start to worry about.  Your mind will be freed from worry and you will be ready in the morning with a list of what you want to accomplish.  It is like getting the matter settled before you put your head on the pillow.

If you leave your notepad by the bedside, you can also write down anything that pops into your head while trying to drift off to sleep.  You’ll find then that you have freed your mind.

But you say, “I don’t want to have to turn on the light and wake my partner.”  There is a solution to that as well.

Dream Essentials has the perfect notepad to record important night time thoughts without disturbing your partner’s rest.  It has a contoured hand-held memo pad that conveniently holds a pen and a writing pad.  Because it features a pressurized Fisher Space pen used by US astronauts,  it writes at any angle, even upside down.  Also the pad “lights up” when the pen is removed and “lights off” when the pen is replaced.

This notepad really helps in creating the perfect sleeping environment to let you rest and recharge.

Check out this “Nite Note” to see if it will work for you.

To your best sleep ever,


Eat Fries and Strike 638 calories From Your Diet

Fortunately, you can still satisfy that french fry craving with this healthy and delicious alternative from Joel Marion, CISSN, Co-Founder, BioTrust Nutrition.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries


*3 large sweet potatoes
*1 tbsp of olive oil
*1/2 tsp of sea salt
*1/2 – 1 tsp of cinnamon
*1/4 tsp paprika


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

In a mixing bowl, toss all ingredients (except the cinnamon) until the potato wedges are evenly coated with oil and spices.

Place on a baking sheet, separated evenly, and then sprinkle cinnamon on top as desired.  Bake for 30 minutes or until done.

Nutrition facts per 200 grams:

274 calories vs 638
39g of lower glycemic carbs vs 76 high glycemic carbs
9g of fat vs 34g fat

And best of all:  ZERO grams of trans fat!

Joel also has a solution for those of you who try to avoid carbs totally because you feel that they just attach to your belly, hips, and thighs.

==> NEVER eat Carbs without doing this first (#1 trick)

What Is OK To Eat At Bedtime

I have always heard to not eat at bedtime and usually not after 7 p.m.  While that seems like a good plan, people go to bed at different times and get up at different times so that may be to specific a cutoff hour to eat.  Something else I know for sure is that if you (like I do sometimes) get hungry during the night, you wake up and cannot get back to sleep.  That can cause middle of the night snacking or just sleeplessness if you avoid getting up to get some food.

Lack of sleep can also inhibit your ability to lose weight and is overall bad for your health.  So the question is …. If you need a bedtime snack what should you eat and what should you NOT eat?

First of all, you should avoid carbs that will cause an increase in insulin and shut off your fat burning hormones.  In the evening, your metabolism begins to slow down and carbs are more easily stored as fat.   Red meat and oily fish are also not the best idea for pre-bedtime snacks.  There are better choices available.  White meat proteins are a much better idea for late-night snacking because they digest more slowly and produce a lower insulin response.

Other good proteins for bedtime snacks are cottage cheese, nuts and nut butters, and casein protein as these digest slowly keeping you feeling full much longer creating an environment for a good night’s sleep.

Try this great bedtime idea from Josh and Joel at BioTrust Nutrition.  I loved it!

­­Creamy Vanilla Almond Butter Milkshake


2 Scoops of Vanilla BioTrust Low Carb (rich in casein)
1/4 cup of cottage cheese (also rich in casein)
8 oz of unsweetened almond milk
1 heaping tablespoon of almond butter
4 ice cubes

Combine all ingredients in a blender, mix & enjoy!

This incredibly delicious milkshake follows all 3 “rules” given above.  It’s rich in casein (a very slow digesting protein), contains healthy fats, and is low in carbs.

Stay healthy and Sleep well!


Eliminate This One Drink–Lose Weight

If there is one thing I have learned over the years of studying nutrition and weight loss, it is that when people stop drinking this one thing, they inevitably lose weight.  My very young grandson decided to stop drinking this and in a short few months went from being very “chubby” to being very fit looking–and he is only 12 years old!!!

So what is this thing?  It is soda pop, or soda, or soft drinks, or coke, or pepsi, or whatever you wish to call it.  But, you say, “I only drink diet soda.”  There is really NO difference when it comes to weightloss whether you drink “diet” or “regular” soda.  Your body cannot tell the difference and the insulin spikes happen the same.  My personal feeling (because of research) is also that the diet stuff is even worse than regular sugar filled drinks because of the chemicals used in producing the diet pop.  Of course, now all the regular (non-diet) drinks are sweetened with HFCs.  That is High Fructose Corn Syrup if you don’t already know.

According to Wikipedia: “Health concerns have been raised about HFCS, which allege contribution to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes,[40] and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.[41] Critics of the extensive use of HFCS in food sweetening argue that the highly processed substance is more harmful to humans than regular sugar, contributing to weight gain by affecting normal appetite functions.[42]

Make a commitment TODAY to eliminate all soda pop from your diet and you’ll feel better than you have in years and will lose weight as well without doing anything else different.  If you want faster results, try reading labels and eliminating any or all foods you find that are sweetened with “high fructose corn syrup.”

What to drink instead?  Check out this article by my good friend Joel Marion, CISSN, NSCA-CPT.

Natural Hemorrhoid Alternatives

Hemorrhoid health

Why are people talking more and more about terribly painful hemorrhoids?  Hemorrhoids are the result of swollen veins surrounding the anus as a result of irritation.  This irritation often is ichy, the veins sometimes bleed and can burst.  When hemorrhoids are not treated right away, they can become worse over time and more difficult to cure.  In today’s medical community, there are many ways to treat them and get temporary relief.  There are natural remedies, herbal treatments, and medicated creams and suppositories.

Continue reading: Natural Hemorrhoid Alternatives »

Is Acid Reflux Interrupting Your Sleep?

You have heard over and over that you should try to achieve 8 hours of sleep every night to avoid a variety of disease conditions.  Lack of sleep is vitally important to protecting your brain from toxicity, damage, and even debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s.  There was a time when I had a good deal of trouble getting enough sleep because my tummy just didn’t feel good.  I was not aware until my doctor told me that many people do not even know that they may have acid reflux and just think they are having trouble sleeping but don’t know why.

During the daytime when your brain is already overactive accomplishing everyday tasks, it is difficult for your brain to do the repair that it can while you are sleeping.  During your sleep, the brain pumps spinal fluid in your brain to “wash it out” circulating the waste and eventually flushing it out through the liver.  The plaque-building protein that is stored in the brain that is related to Alzheimer’s disease is called amyloid-beta and is removed during your 8 hours of sleep.

Acid reflux can be caused by your intestinal bacterial balance is beginning to spin out of control. In our intestines we need enough good bacteria called, “pro-biotics,” to balance out the bad bacteria.  We all have trillions of bacteria in our intestinal tract.  A good, healthy ratio of good to bad bacteria should be 9 to 1 but few of us in this day have a ratio even close to that.

It is possible to increase your good and bad bacteria ratio by supplementing with a good pro-biotic supplement.  It must be a good one though because pro-biotic bacteria a very fragile and must be stabilized to be effective.  This is what I choose to use:  Pro-X10.  Whatever you decide on be sure to research the products for effectiveness.

Are All Whey Protein Powders Equal?

Whey protein is so popular today as a pre- or post-workout drink, as a meal replacement, as a healthy snack, and as an additive when making smoothies that it can be found in your local grocery store, nearly all health-food stores, and all over the internet.  So the question is, “Are they all the same?”

Whey protein comes in different forms. There are three main types of whey protein: (1) Whey Protein Concentrate, (2) Whey Protein Isolate and (3) Whey Protein Hydrolysate.  The Concentrate is the least expensive and has the lowest protein content.  It has more fat, lactose, and peptides. Whey Isolate is about 95% concentrate and is processed a bit differently. Whey Hydrolysate is 99%, the most expensive, and tastes the worst.

Other things of importance to consider include things such as where the protein is derived.  Is it organic and from grass fed cows or another source such as goats (yes, sometimes it is).  Is it cold-filtered? What does it taste like?  (if it tastes bad, you won’t use it anyway) Is the protein sweetened or flavored with artificial ingredients? If you have read any of my posts, you know I am 100% against artificial sweeteners!

The one protein I prefer when I am working out or want to supplement my diet is produced by a company called BioTrust.  In one of their articles they talk about “Whey Protein’s Dark Side” especially as it relates to dieting.  You can read more about why I have chosen this product and why it makes sense to me here.

Try This SuperFood Recipe

Try some super-foods that are super delicious and super good for you! Our super-healthy kale quinoa patties recipe is a scrumptious substitute for rubbery-tasting veggie patties.  They are jam packed with protein, naturally gluten free and absolutely scrumptious!

Adapted from

healthy kale quinoa patties


  • 2 ½ c cooked quinoa, cooled
  • 4 c kale, cleaned, deveined, chopped small
  • 3 large eggs, beaten
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • ½ yellow onion, diced small
  • ½ c chives, chopped
  • ½ c Parmesan, grated
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • ½ c bread crumbs (use gluten free breadcrumbs to make this dish gluten free)
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil plus more for frying


  • combine quinoa, eggs, Parmesan, chives and salt in medium mixing bowl
  • heat 2 tbsp olive oil in skillet on medium heat
  • sweat onions and garlic, approximately 3 minutes
  • add kale to skillet
  • cook until kale is bright green and soft
  • add kale mixture to quinoa
  • add breadcrumbs and stir to combine ingredients
  • place clean skillet on medium heat
  • add enough oil to coat bottom of pan
  • form patties using ½ c of quinoa mixture
  • place patties in skillet being careful not to splash hot oil
  • do not overcrowd the pan
  • fry until golden brown on each side, approximately 5 minutes per side
  • remove patties, drain on paper towel, and serve

Enjoy and Be Healthy

Judy Kelly