Are Artificial Sweeteners All Bad?

Today I was reading a post from Isabel’s blog and she was talking about the effects of food and artificial sweeteners on such conditions such as heart disease.  Many feel that to lower cholesterol, they need to eat all low fat foods.  That is actually not true.  It is important to remove all BAD fats such as saturated fats from your diet.  Removing all fat, however, will not have the desired effect.  Some good fats are necessary and can be gotten from foods such as almonds, avocados, salmon, and many others.  In the case of heart disease and cholesterol, a person often needs to take a look at reducing “artificial” or packaged foods.  Most packaged foods such as cereals and granola bars are loaded up with chemicals and preservatives to keep them shelf stable and in the end cause us to gain weight.

I’ve always been amazed when I see someone order a reasonably healthy meal and then combine it with a large diet soda drink.  Human bodies simply do not know what to do with all those chemicals.  Yes, I know that the ads say Splenda is “all natural,” but it hasn’t been around long enough for that to be a proven fact; and from what I have read, the chemical process to create that sweetener is not something that I want in MY body.  We’ve all heard the aspartame stories and that is what is in Equal and Sweet N Low.  Why not just stick to natural sweeteners like stevia and agave both of which are now readily available in any grocery store.  Also, what ever happened to good ‘ole water?  If it is too bland tasting for you, my advice is to get over it because you’ll really learn to like it.  If that’s not something you think you can do, at least drink water with a little fruit juice or lemon or lime for flavoring.  Diet drinks are making people fat!  I have known more than a few people who have lost weight just be eliminating the soda from their lives–and that goes for “diet” sodas too.

All of this information and so much more can be found in Isabel de los Rios’ Diet Solution Program. Check it out right now, and see what awesome information she has for you.

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  • There is a great video on The Bitter Truth about Sugar and other poisons we fill our bodies with. I used to use those artificial sweetners. But I discovered that I am allergic to aspertame. My boys would love to relate the monster I was while I swigged diet iced teas loaded with it. I, myself, didn’t see it. Figured my bad mood was due to stress, my advancing years, i.e., hormones messing up, etc., sugar issues, since I wasn’t managing my diabetes so well then, either . . .

    But after they told me what they had found online about the aspertame toxin, I gave it up. I used Splenda for a while, but have since dropped that and have tried Purvia and Truvia. So, we’ll see.

    Love articles about this stuff! I need it. Trying to lose 30 lbs.
    Anita´s last blog ..Daily Digest for March 9th My ComLuv Profile

  • i thought aspartame can cause cancer in laboratory animals “

  • aspartame is good but i think Xylitol is even better because it is natural and organic “”

  • aspartame has some nasty side effects too plus its long term effects on health is still not known”                   

  • Judy Kelly

    Admittedly HFC’s are worse but the statistics on “fake” sugar are fairly conclusive. Real sugar only has 16 calories and doesn’t have all the side effects so with moderation may even be a better option—–and soda pop with any kind of sweeteners needs to be out of everyone’s diet.

  • Judy Kelly

    Thanks for your so appropriate and true comment. If people only knew all the side effects of those diet sodas–ruining children’s health–I couldn’t imagine them still buying them!

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