Can You Feel Fit Without Exercise?

After many years of regular exercise and healthy eating to maintain my health, I stopped when my husband was sent to the Mayo Hospital for a rather complicated surgery.  With all the pre-op, hospital stay, and post-op appointments and care, I just let it all drop.

A couple of months ago, I saw an ad for a device called The Flex Belt.  It is meant (I believe) to reduce abdominal fat more optimally while exercising so even though I don’t usually believe in these things, I thought  I’d give it a try.  At my age I was getting rounder in my mid-section than I had ever been.

I wasn’t able to use my flex Belt when it arrived because of my husband’s illness and having to go out-of-state for treatment.  After getting started, I am really impressed with my progress.  My personal trainer with whom I was able to resume working when we returned home said she thought I was doing amazingly well considering all the stress I have dealt with.  It seems that I have managed to lose some belly fat not even doing all my regular exercises.  The Flex Belt is compact, came with a case, and was really easy to take with me and even wear under my clothes while spending time at the hospital.

Now I just want to get the addition for my upper arms (age ya know )L.

Get one of these things ASAP if you have extra belly fat!  Use it while you exercise or even if you don’t have time.

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4 comments to Can You Feel Fit Without Exercise?

  • Yes by eating well and keeping your mind active.

  • Really nice take on that story, I read it myself last week. As always, using rats to model human illness is fraught with peril. VERY interesting information on the doses they used, and quite typical in what we see in many of these animal studies. That is, the substances are dosed in proportions FAR in excess of what a normal exposure rate would be, and then they try to extrapolate data from that, which is, largely meaning less in many cases when transferred back to a human model for any number of glaring reasons. Thanks for shedding a different perspective on that story.

  • Kat

    I love to exercise because I feel more energized after a good workout. Not sure I would feel that after using this belt. It would be nice to lose belly fat with this belt though. Who doesn’t want to have a flatter tummy!

  • have you tried calorie-counting? My mom is a ditieabc and needs to loose major pounds… her Dr. suggested calorie-counting (it’s been three months and she has lost 40 pounds!!)… search calorie counters on google (or yahoo) and you can type in a food… and it will give you the amount of calories in that food! I would suggest cutting your calorie intake down to a maximum of 1500 calories per day… it isn’t easy… but tell yourself ‘this is a lifestyle choice’. also record your calories on a notebook or computer… it will help you!GOOD LUCK! Was this answer helpful?

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