Eliminate This One Drink--Lose Weight

If there is one thing I have learned over the years of studying nutrition and weight loss, it is that when people stop drinking this one thing, they inevitably lose weight.  My very young grandson decided to stop drinking this and in a short few months went from being very “chubby” to being very fit looking–and he is only 12 years old!!!

So what is this thing?  It is soda pop, or soda, or soft drinks, or coke, or pepsi, or whatever you wish to call it.  But, you say, “I only drink diet soda.”  There is really NO difference when it comes to weightloss whether you drink “diet” or “regular” soda.  Your body cannot tell the difference and the insulin spikes happen the same.  My personal feeling (because of research) is also that the diet stuff is even worse than regular sugar filled drinks because of the chemicals used in producing the diet pop.  Of course, now all the regular (non-diet) drinks are sweetened with HFCs.  That is High Fructose Corn Syrup if you don’t already know.

According to Wikipedia: “Health concerns have been raised about HFCS, which allege contribution to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes,[40] and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.[41] Critics of the extensive use of HFCS in food sweetening argue that the highly processed substance is more harmful to humans than regular sugar, contributing to weight gain by affecting normal appetite functions.[42]

Make a commitment TODAY to eliminate all soda pop from your diet and you’ll feel better than you have in years and will lose weight as well without doing anything else different.  If you want faster results, try reading labels and eliminating any or all foods you find that are sweetened with “high fructose corn syrup.”

What to drink instead?  Check out this article by my good friend Joel Marion, CISSN, NSCA-CPT.

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