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Why are people talking more and more about terribly painful hemorrhoids?  Hemorrhoids are the result of swollen veins surrounding the anus as a result of irritation.  This irritation often is ichy, the veins sometimes bleed and can burst.  When hemorrhoids are not treated right away, they can become worse over time and more difficult to cure.  In today’s medical community, there are many ways to treat them and get temporary relief.  There are natural remedies, herbal treatments, and medicated creams and suppositories.

A good hemorrhoid home remedy is a good diet.  This diet must consist of a good deal of water soluble fiber and lots and lots of water on a daily basis.  Without these components, constipation and hard stools result putting more pressure on the hemorrhoid and causing more aggravation. Some of this fiber can be achieved by eating more dark green vegetables like spinach and kale.

Easing the pain with diet may not be enough help and may not make the pain disappear completely or the hemorrhoid go away.  In this case some natural herbs such as butchers broom, ginkgo biloba, and mullein may offer some help.  These herbs can usually be found at a good health food store.  Witch hazel can also be applied gently to lessen the swelling.

Water therapy may also be helpful to relieve hemorrhoids.  A good soak in a warm bathtub has been shown to lessen the swelling of hemorrhoids.  The warm water causes the vessels in and around the rectal area to relax and that causes a reduction in swelling therefore reducing the irritation and itching.

Because colon health and dietary fiber are such a big part of a natural alternative for hemorrhoid treatment, using natural products such as Probiotics, Enzymes, and Fiber may be a big help in reducing the pain and irritation of hemorrhoids.  Check out “Hemorrhoid No More” for more information.

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