Are Artificial Sweeteners All Bad?

Today I was reading a post from Isabel’s blog and she was talking about the effects of food and artificial sweeteners on such conditions such as heart disease.

Combine The Correct Foods And Watch Pounds Disappear

There are many diets available that claim to help you burn off body fat. One of the best kept secrets to losing weight is to simply eat foods in specific combinations that allow the body to fully digest what you eat . The basic principle of eating to promote weight loss involves combining items from compatible food groups while avoiding incompatible foods in the same meal. When you eat compatible foods at the same meal, your digestive system can do its job properly. Follow these guidelines to develop a healthier digestive tract.

Reducing Arm Fat By Sleeping More

Study after study has shown that as a society we are more sleep deprived than ever. And if you want to get rid of your flabby arms, sleep deprivation will hold you back. It’s really that critical here.

Astaxanthin for Endurance & Fat Loss

Have you ever wondered why krill oil was brightly colored red instead of yellow like other marine omega-3 lipids? Well, this red shade is not only pretty to look at, but it can help you burn more fat and increase your athletic endurance; added benefits we’re all looking for.

Healthy Ebooks–Are you looking for a special one?

Today I ran across a great website that is primarily a listing of healthy ebooks. It is This is not an affiliate link but rather a suggestion of where you can find ebooks on about any health topic you want to research or learn about.

The Benefits Of Free Range Chicken

The more time that has passed, the more people are looking at making healthier life choices, such as healthy eating. Keep in mind that healthy eating can mean a number of different things, it can mean that you are no longer eating animal products or that you are only going to eat a raw food diet and everything in between. Another term that has also become popular in the healthy eating arena is free range. Today you can find free range chickens, eggs and meats. Currently free range chicken is very popular. How did free range get its start? What is free range exactly? Are there really any benefits to eating free range? To help answer these questions as well as others you may have, here is unbiased information to help you make an informed decision.

Apple Crisp

Here is a great apple dessert recipe recommended by the Diet Solution Program.  It was awesome!  and healthy at the same time!!!

DSP Apple Crisp

4 cups sliced tart apples
1/3 cup Stevia Blend (
1/2 cup Oats (slow cook, old fashion oats)
3/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 cup Oat flour
3/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/3 cup butter softened

Heat Oven to [...]

High-Protein, Low-Sugar Healthy Chocolate Dessert

This chocolate recipe gives you ways to actually NOURISH your body with high nutrient density instead of fattening your body with typical chocolate treats.

Great Protein Popsicle Recipe

Lose weight while keeping your energy high with this luscious protein pop.

Incorrect Thoughts … Incorrect Metabolism!

“Temporary or permanent?” Obviously the latter would be the most well-liked answer unless you are the kind who is strangely inclined with quick-constant-changes in your life. In whatever field it is, individuals find security and stability in permanence. It is funny to believe that in dieting nevertheless, they give in to short-term answers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Losing Weight Quickly

When people decide they want to lose weight, one of the first questions they ask is how quickly they can achieve their goal. They have got in the right mindset and want to get on with it right here and now and see the pounds start falling off. So, if you are one of these people and you are running out of patience, here are some things for you to consider.