Are Artificial Sweeteners All Bad?

Today I was reading a post from Isabel’s blog and she was talking about the effects of food and artificial sweeteners on such conditions such as heart disease.

Green Coffee Weightloss–What’s next!

So when will the newest fads in dieting stop? Probably never but how do you know what works and what doesn’t?

Apple Crisp

Here is a great apple dessert recipe recommended by the Diet Solution Program.  It was awesome!  and healthy at the same time!!!

DSP Apple Crisp

4 cups sliced tart apples
1/3 cup Stevia Blend (
1/2 cup Oats (slow cook, old fashion oats)
3/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 cup Oat flour
3/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/3 cup butter softened

Heat Oven to [...]

The Benefits Of Water

You probably know that it is important to drink sufficient amount of water. A minimum of 8 glasses of water a day is advised. This is a number to strive for to improve your health and well being. You should aim for more if it is genuinely hot, or you’re sweating a lot and working out. Getting enough water in your body will keep you from getting dehydrated.

Never do Ab Workouts Again, In Your Life, Ever. 5 Alternatives!

You don’t need ab workouts! Instead of doing real exercises to try and strengthen yourself the old-fashioned way, check out these 5, totally-viable, completely-not-ridiculous ways to replace them for good.

Mediterranean Diet Recipe

When considering meal ideas for Mediterranean Diet, the large presence of salads should not be overlooked. This delicious Mediterranean salad includes many folk’s most favorite Mediterranean foods.

Organic Foods – Are They The Better Choice?

Some fruits and vegetables don’t rank as high on the pesticide scale. These items are ones that may be likely safe to eat simply after a thorough washing.