Can You Feel Fit Without Exercise?

A couple of months ago, I saw an ad for a device called The Flex Belt. It is meant (I believe) to reduce abdominal fat more optimally while exercising

Do You Experience Morning Stiffness?

When you get out of bed, do you have trouble getting going? Are you so stiff that it is even difficult to walk to the bathroom?

10 Easy At-Your-Desk Exercises

Spending a little time regularly during your day doing some “desk exercises” will help you maintain your weight, remain flexible, and generally keep you healthier at your sedentary job.

BEWARE… The 5 Most Dangerous Pain Drugs

Yes, I’ll bet you’ve taken at least 2 of these common pain meds, maybe even all of them … so I believe you deserve to be empowered with the facts to make your own safest choices.

Can Your Shoes Contribute To Pain?

Do you have foot pain? Is your foot pain contributing to your not getting as much work done as you would like or stopping you from doing your favorite activities?

Reduce Pain With 4 Tasty Drinks

Adding these 4 drinks into your daily diet and see your pain potentially subside.adding these 4 drinks into your daily diet and see your pain potentially subside.

Plantar Faciitis and Foot Pain Relief

I have spend the past two years tending to my aching feet. Never do what I did! If you for whatever reason have foot pain, I’d like to share what I have found.

8 Super Foods Help Reduce Pain

The wholesome Mediterranean diet builds strong bones, helps reduce weight gain, and will even boost energy levels as well as your mood. We really don’t feel as much pain when we are in a good mood and producing more endorphins.

Reduce Stress By Giving Yourself A Foot Massage

According to the original author, Roberta Lee, MD, author of The SuperStress Solution, you can get the same level of lowering your stress and you can with a full-body massage by using this method at home.

Pain Relief Secrets

There are 3 little known secrets about pain relief that you should learn about. These secrets primarily increase the profits of the large pharmaceutical companies. They can also be very dangerous to your over health and wellness.

Why Does Muscle Imbalance Cause Back Pain and Neck Pain

You bought new mattress and had a good night’s sleep and still you have a back ache in the morning. If you take good care of yourself, maybe this is a symptom of muscle imbalance.