Can You Feel Fit Without Exercise?

A couple of months ago, I saw an ad for a device called The Flex Belt. It is meant (I believe) to reduce abdominal fat more optimally while exercising

Are All Whey Protein Powders Equal?

Whey protein is so popular today as a pre- or post-workout drink, as a meal replacement, as a healthy snack, and as an additive when making smoothies that it can be found in your local grocery store

7 Days To Success

You can do anything for a short 7 days. It is when we try to plan out something for an undetermined amount of time that the goal or task seems to become unachievable.

Do You Experience Morning Stiffness?

When you get out of bed, do you have trouble getting going? Are you so stiff that it is even difficult to walk to the bathroom?

10 Easy At-Your-Desk Exercises

Spending a little time regularly during your day doing some “desk exercises” will help you maintain your weight, remain flexible, and generally keep you healthier at your sedentary job.

Do you also have this misconception?

Anytime you spend 6 or more hours a day regardless of how much time you exercise, you’re still shortening your life span.

Almond Cookies by Scott

These cookie recipes are from my friend Scott Tousignant. He posted the recipe for his body sculpting program but his whole family (kids and all) can enjoy them too.

Can Exercise Machines Be Bad?

As you know if you’ve been reading my posts, I have talked a lot about “muscle imbalances” and the pain they can cause. One of my big recommendations has always been to add weight or resistance exercises to your “healthy habits.”

Lose Belly Fat Faster

We always hear that exercise is necessary to lose fat. So you start a walking program as you read that 30 minutes a day is all you need, right? Nothing happens—at least not very quickly so you like many others feel like giving up.