10 Easy At-Your-Desk Exercises

Spending a little time regularly during your day doing some “desk exercises” will help you maintain your weight, remain flexible, and generally keep you healthier at your sedentary job.

Do you also have this misconception?

Anytime you spend 6 or more hours a day regardless of how much time you exercise, you’re still shortening your life span.

Plantar Faciitis and Foot Pain Relief

I have spend the past two years tending to my aching feet. Never do what I did! If you for whatever reason have foot pain, I’d like to share what I have found.

Learn These 7 Back Pain Mistakes

How many of these 7 back pain mistakes are you making that are keeping you in pain? Do these relate to you and how you are treating the pain in your back?

Back Pain and Pinched Nerves

When nerves become compressed, you are said to have a “pinched” nerve that is causing your pain. Your spinal cord connects nerves running throughout your body to your brain.

Chocolate Truffles — and healthy too!

I can hardly believe that I found this great recipe.  With the grams of protein and the antioxidants in the healthy dark chocolate, you can’t go wrong.  Copy this one and make some yummy treats today!  Be sure to check out the nutrition facts at the bottom of this great recipe.

Prograde Chocolate Covered Almond Truffles

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Sitting Puts Your Body In Neutral Causing Disease

Scientists have been studying exercise and its effects on the body for quite some time. In the USA Today article, Dr. Mames Levine from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota said, “the body’s idling state is very, very unhealthy.

How Do You Implement Posture Correction for Computer Neck Pain and Headache?

Much of our neck pain, especially as online entrepreneurs, is caused by a forward head tilt. The weight of your head on your neck increases by 10 pounds for every inch that your head moves forward.

Posture – Does Yours Cause Backache?

I have found out that sitting at my computer for hours at a stretch are causing some unpleasant side affects. I wonder if the same may be happening to you.