Eat Fries and Strike 638 calories From Your Diet

Fortunately, you can still satisfy that french fry craving with this healthy and delicious alternative

What Is OK To Eat At Bedtime

Lack of sleep can also inhibit your ability to lose weight and is overall bad for your health. So the question is …. If you need a bedtime snack what should you eat and what should you NOT eat?

Try This SuperFood Recipe

Try some super-foods that are super delicious and super good for you! Our super-healthy kale quinoa patties recipe is a scrumptious substitute for rubbery-tasting veggie patties.

Great All-natural Chocolate Pudding (dessert tonight?)

All-Natural High Protein Chocolate Pudding (have it for dessert tonight!) It packs loads of healthy fats, fiber, and quality protein. Oh, and did we mention it’s delicious? :)

Homemade Omega3 Mayonnaise

Unlike store-bought mayo, this recipe contains a generous amount of Omega3 which we all know you need lots of.

Steps to Creating A Banana Smoothie

Everyone likes banana smoothies so you cannot go wrong making them for your family members. There are so many varieties that you can please everyone’s tastes.

On A Gluten and/or Wheat Free Diet?

Some of you may have kids who only “like” white bread and this one is actually healthy.

Very Healthy Dark Chocolate Covered Goji Berries

Finally, a chocolate that not only tastes great but is good for you too! These are dark chocolate covered goji berries from the fields I Tibet. Goji berries are also used as part of Chinese medicine.

I Had To Chuckle….

Skinny cow unflattering nutrition information) this small ice cream sandwich is STUFFED with chemicals I call “obesity additives

Combine The Correct Foods And Watch Pounds Disappear

One of the best kept secrets to losing weight is to simply eat foods in specific combinations that allow the body to fully digest what you eat.

Steps To Get Started With Your Juicing

Even though juicing has become really popular, you’re not alone in not knowing where to begin.